There’s no need for you to be out looking for a pot of gold this week for St Patrick’s Day, you already have something way more valuable than that! You know what it is? You!! Yes, you are far more worthy than any size pot of gold. Welcome to this week of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word, worth! How often do we allow our mistakes, what others think about us, or expectations, determine our value? It is imperative to the quality of our life as well as our personal success, that we see our worth outside of the choices we may have made, or based on outside sources and the views of others. Have you heard the saying, “God doesn’t make any junk?” That’s true! You are here because the Creator of the Universe decided you should be. How awesome is that?! This means that your worth was decided before you were even born. All you have to do is walk in it! When you walk in your worth, you work at being the best you can be, but you allow room for mistakes. You understand that although your choices matter when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams, it doesn’t impact your value and your worth. Don’t ever doubt your worth! 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


 the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Here’s the thing, each of us can do better at seeing our worth. There are some deliberate thinking habits we can practice that will help us do a better job of loving ourselves. In our article this week, we give you 10 thinking habits that will help you remember your worth. Check it out!  Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Although remembering your self-worth begins with thinking worthy thoughts, you must also take action to implement those thoughts. Here is a list of worthy actions. Look at the list and make a goal to start implementing at least one every week. Start with what will make the biggest impact in improving your self-worth.  Download List Here

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth. ~Unknown 

Having a coach can be just what you need to help you remember your worth. Sometimes just having someone to help you gain clarity can improve your chance of achieving your goals and dreams by nearly 50% over trying to go it alone. Consider our Launch My Success Membership. Included in this membership, is weekly group coaching with one of our awesome Success Partners. You can learn more about them here:  Learn More – Success Partners Having a coach is an investment that you can expect to get a return on, it is not an expense. The time is now…What are you waiting for?

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