These are speakers that have spoken at one of our conferences or have completed one of our training's on "master your message" or "take the stage" with rave reviews

Kim Martin, Daughter of the Most High| Fitness and Nutrition Expert | Motivator | Speaker

Kim is the founder of I’ve Decided INC, an organization designed to help people achieve their goals and dreams. She is a certified behavior coach, and the author of “DECIDE” a 6 step Guide to changing any behavior to ensure long term success.

Cindy Byrd, Thinking Partner, Speaker, Educator; Founder/Owner, Image Potential; Professor Emeritus, Robert Morris University

Cindy helps individuals and businesses communicate with insight and impact, build positive brands, and create exceptional experiences for colleagues, employees, and customers alike.

Dean Heffta, Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Performance Coach | Business Consultant

Dean speaks, writes, and trains on effective communication and leadership development. He is a certified coach and licensed provider of Process Communication Model.

Mary Ardapple Dierker, Integrative Wellness Strategist / Motivator/ Author

Mary is a mentor for habit change. As an advocate for optimal well-being at home and in the workplace, Mary inspires others to live a vibrant thriving life as the best version of themselves.

Kurt P. White, Motivational Speaker

Born without his right arm, only a partial left arm, and a shortened left leg, Kurt made the choice early on in childhood to not let anything get in the way of pursuing his dreams. In spite of his disability, he was determined to live life just like any other person.

Darrel Crook, Inspiring People To Be All They Can Be

Inspiring individuals is a calling for Darrel. Being in sales for over 25 years he has continued to feed his mind with personal development until it just became a part of who he is.