About I’ve Decided

yIn our world we have a success problem.

Along with research, and the numbers reported by the Nielsen Ratings, only about 9% of people who set goals achieve them. This is an extremely low number and very disheartening. The question we should ask ourselves is why is it so low?

Just like putting a 1000-piece puzzle together, successfully achieving a goal or dream is very hard, and most people simply give up before they barely get going.

The reason you may be struggling with a goal you want so desperately to achieve isn’t because there is something wrong with you, it’s because it requires change, and change is hard. Very hard!

Most people forget that achieving a goal requires something to change. Think about it. If you were already doing what you needed to do to achieve what you wanted to achieve, you would be on your way, and seeing the results you want to see. If this is not the case, then you need to do something different to get a different result. You must focus on the change and the result will follow.

If you are going to put a 1000-piece puzzle together, there are things you will need in place to ensure you’re successful. You need allotted time to focus on it, and you may have to adjust your schedule to accommodate it. You will need space, a table, and a light. You need the picture on the box to refer to for a little help. It would be very helpful to have someone around who has already put the same puzzle together successfully coaching you and motivating you to keep going. Or, what about having other people working on the puzzle with you for accountability and support. You get the idea. Albeit, it’s still hard work to complete the 1000-piece puzzle, but now you see it’s possible. You have what you need for success. The odds are much better that you will complete the puzzle. In fact, you most likely will.

Like the puzzle, the same is true for success. There are many pieces to the success puzzle, and to reach the desired outcome, you must have all of them. You need motivation, inspiration, support, accountability, tools, resources, information, education, the right mindset, and contribution. You can find all these success pieces somewhere but finding them all in one place has been impossible. At least until now.

Consider the puzzle again, but this time, think about the box that contains the pieces. All the pieces to the puzzle are neatly placed inside the box. On the outside cover is the perfect picture of what you will get when the puzzle is complete. You can peek at it when you need a little help or clue as to where a piece should go. Isn’t that so helpful?!

Your goal is no different!

I’ve Decided is essentially the puzzle box. We have every piece of the puzzle you need for success. It’s nicely packaged together in one location with the finished picture on the outside so you can have guidance when needed. We have people for support and accountability, we have the tools and resources you will need to help move things along, the information and education for you to learn and grow, motivation and inspiration to keep you going and encouraged, the right mindset, and a place where you can contribute to help others with their success puzzle.

At *I’ve Decided, our values are based on Biblical truths. We believe you were created with a purpose. We believe you were born for success. We believe everyone should be successful and can be. When you become a member of our community you gain access to all the pieces you will need to put your success puzzle together so that you can accomplish whatever goal or dream you desire.

I’ve Decided was created to provide you with everything you need for personal development and growth. Our purpose is to help you achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

Our mission is your success!

*Our events and materials may include Christian point of views and or Biblical references.