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It's time to turn up the heat, immerse yourself, and go ALL IN on your goals and dreams!

All In 2024 – 10th Annual Personal Development and Success Conference.

Are your dreams lingering in the realm of "someday," trapped in the lukewarm waters of uncertainty? It's time to turn up the heat, immerse yourself, and go ALL IN on your goals and dreams! Welcome to the transformative experience that will shift your mindset and propel you towards a life of purpose.

Dive deep and do the dream!

At this conference, we're not just talking about goals; we're talking about a complete mindset overhaul. It's about shedding the lukewarm attitude that keeps dreams at arm's length and embracing the fiery passion that comes with going ALL IN!

This isn't just a conference; it's a call to action. Accept this invitation to transform from a passive observer of your dreams to an active participant in their realization. It’s time to shift from lukewarm to I’ve Decided!


Here’s what you can expect:

Mindset Mastery - Learn the secrets to unlocking your full potential. Discover how a shift in mindset can propel you from hesitation to unstoppable determination.

Dynamic Speakers - Immerse yourself in the stories of those who've gone all in on their dreams. Their journeys will inspire and challenge you to break free from the lukewarm mindset that’s kept you from tapping into your fullest potential all these years and embrace the decided mindset that will finally help you achieve the things you’ve always wanted.

Goal Setting - Move beyond wishful thinking. Develop a roadmap that reflects your commitment. Our experts will guide you in setting goals that excite and terrify you—because that's where the magic happens.

Community Connections - Connect with individuals who are no longer sitting on the sidelines. Build a network of accountability partners, cheerleaders, and mentors who understand the power of going ALL IN!

Speaker Ken Stewart, “All In - Every Day!”

Time is a funny thing. We act like we can control it, manipulate it, even master it... But the truth about time is that it is harsher than many want to admit. Time is a ruthless, incessant, emotionless, unforgiving tide that waits for, and bows to, no one. What we can do, however, is to learn and respect its unwavering, stalwart characteristics and leverage them to our benefit. How do we do this? We show up, and we lean in... all in... every day.

Ken is the principal and founder of The H3 Leader, an Executive Coach, and the Central IL Convene Chair for two Christian Executive Leader Peer2Peer Advisory Teams. The H3 Leader exists as, among other things, the culmination point, launch pad, base camp, and creative lab for formally sharing his ongoing passion for personal and professional development with others.

Marcia Bolden

Speaker Marcia Bolden, “The Power of Comittment - The thoughts that fuel your results.”

Discover how our level of commitment influences the outcomes we experience in various aspects of our lives. The key to unlocking our full potential lies in our commitment and mindset. Learn how to rewire your brain, foster a mindset of confidence, and take intentional actions that will lead to remarkable results.


Marcia stands as a role model with authenticity and courage, bringing the spirit of collaboration and celebration into the world. Mrs. Bolden has devoted more than two decades of her life to the advancement, advocacy, and empowerment of others through the vehicle of education and public service.

Her niche includes helping clients who:

  • Feel stuck and in their current work role
  • Lack clarity, support, and tools for career advancement
  • Want to transition to a new industry and switch careers completely
  • Want to uplevel their career and mindset

Want to win in their relationships and walk in their divine purpose

TJ Martin

Speaker TJ Martin, “Do the Dream - Declutter your life and define your dreams!”

Do the dream will help you declutter the internal and physical clutter in all the areas of your life; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Start decluttering today and taking the next steps of defining your dreams and fulfilling your purpose. The first step is always the hardest, but you will be glad you acted. It’s time to be all in!

TJ Martin is The Founder of Do the Dream, a personal development organization. The program challenges and empowers people to declutter all areas of their lives so they can be a better version of themselves and be all in on the life they desire. Mrs. Martin is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Certified Personal Development Coach. Her mission is to help you declutter your life so that you can define and achieve your goals and dreams.

Speaker Kim Martin – “Live Decided – How a lukewarm heart is robbing you of the life you were created for!”

Kim Martin is the Founder of I’ve Decided, INC. and a franchise owner of Curves. Her career in coaching began in 1999 when she opened her first Curves in Carrolton, GA. Over the last 25 years, Kim has used Curves as a platform to do what she was born to do, which is to motivate people to be their best selves. In 2014 she began her own personal development company to offer her signature programs to a broader audience.

Kim is no stranger to living with a lukewarm mindset, as this has been her own personal journey and struggle. She will demonstrate how you can be duped into believing that success is just too hard and how living half-heartedly is the real culprit. By shifting your mindset from “I want this to I’ve Decided I am going to”, your life can be transformed, and you can accomplish the desires of your heart. You were created for a purpose and for such a time as this, you just must be all in!

The lukewarm waters have nothing on the fire that's about to ignite within you. Don't let another day go by without fully embracing your dreams. It's time to go All In!

I’ve Decided 2024 Kick-Off Personal Development and Success Conference Thursday and Friday February 1st and 2nd, 2024:

Barrack’s Hospitality Group Banquet Center & Catering

1224 W Pioneer Parkway, Peoria, IL 61615

Schedule of Events Thursday and Friday February 1st and 2nd, 2024 (dates and times subject to change):

Success Social and Vendor set-up: Thursday, February 1st, 5pm-8pm CST

  • Heavy hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic drinks will be served and a cash bar is available.

Conference and Vendor Fair Schedule: Friday, February 2nd, 8am - 2:30pm CST

  • Continental breakfast, coffee, water, and lunch will be provided. Please select Regular meal or Vegan/Gluten Free Meal upon registration. No substitutes will be available on the day of the event.

Member Success Gala & Awards Banquet: Friday, February 2nd, 6pm - 10pm CST

*** DJ and Karaoke for entertainment ***

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