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Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word disposition. We continue to be amazed at the timeliness of our winning words. Remember, these words were selected well over a year ago, and long before we had any idea what the year 2020 would bring. It’s understandable given everything we are going through, our disposition may not be the greatest right now. We don’t want you to beat yourself up, just the opposite, we want you to give yourself some grace if you haven’t had such a “sunny” disposition. It’s OK! What we would ask you to do is simply to contemplate and consider your disposition. If Martha Washington is correct in her quote above, and we believe she is, then really we can decide to have a better disposition, even in such circumstances as these. If we do, we will ultimately be happier no matter what we’re facing. Dispositions are a person’s core attitudes, values, and beliefs, that are the foundation of all behaviors. This means your disposition is of great importance and essential for you to lead a contented and successful life.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


The way you think and behave.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

I’ve decided to have a better disposition, now what?! If you truly desire to improve your disposition so that you can lead a more contented and successful life, here are 5 ways you can accomplish this goal.

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

After reading the article, decide which of the 5 ways is one you should work on the most. Is it your routine, limiting social media and news, taking better care of yourself, your influencers, or changing your focus? Spend time this week improving and working on that area of your life. Need some help? Contact Kim at or Kurt at and consider having a Success Partner to encourage you!

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

” A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.” ~William Arthur Ward

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