Do you have the right-of-way?

Hello and happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate the freedom we have and our country’s 245th birthday. Your Success Team at I’ve Decided wishes you an amazing day of fun with your friends and family. We hope you enjoy the BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, fireworks, and all the festivities that this 4th of July holiday brings! 
We are excited to bring this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word yield. Yield is an interesting word. It has two different meanings, and yet each definition really flows into the other. To yield can be to surrender or submit, and it is also to supply or produce something positive such as profit, food, or information. Very few words in the English dictionary have definitions that are opposite of the other like the word yield. To surrender or submit means to let go or give up, while supply and produce means to give forth, or to make something available to someone. Isn’t it quite the contrary? It seems, but something amazing comes to mind when we put the translations together. It can be said like this, “Sometimes you must yield to yield.” In other words, sometimes we should surrender or submit to get a positive return. This can be very difficult for many of us because we can be set in our ways and change is hard. However, if we yield to the things we can’t change and focus on what we can, we will get a higher return. Where in your life do you need to yield?

Your Weekly Winning Word:


To supply or produce something positive such as profit, an amount of food, or information; to surrender or submit.  

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Sometimes you must yield to yield.  It sounds reasonable, but the dilemma is, there are some selfish tendencies that hold us back. Our mindset is closed off to any idea that goes against what we think and especially if we believe we have the right-of-way. Check our this week’s article, “5 Selfish Tendencies Holding us Back from Yielding to the Success we Desire.”  Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

What are you fighting or struggling with that you may need to yield to? Take some time this week to reflect on this question and write your thoughts in your Success Workbook & Journal. Join us Tuesday on Zoom for our Virtual Monthly Mastermind Session 4:30-5:15PMCST. Our topic is, “What is stopping you?” The Zoom link is: and the pass code is: 631163

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Sometimes, you must yield to yield. ~Kim Martin

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