Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word flourish. Dr. Seligman, a founding father of positive psychology, writes, “The gold standard for measuring well-being is flourishing.”  If true, our ultimate goal is to increase flourishing because flourishing is the fruit of our over all well-being. When you think of flourishing, using a flower is a perfect analogy. If your plant blooms, it’s flourishing. If the leaves are turning brown and withering, the plant is not flourishing. It’s the same with humans. If we are emotionally well, we will flourish. If not, our lives will show it. We will be sad, short tempered, and exhausted. Here’s the great news, you don’t have to always have a sunny disposition to flourish. In fact, some of the most successful people suffer with depression, and have days of feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It’s about having the right environment. Think about the plant. For it to grow and develop blooms, it needs to be in a favorable environment for what it needs. The proper soil, hydration, fertilizer, pruning, and so on. If weeds grow, you must get rid of them. Every plant can flourish and so can every human being. You were created to flourish. To flourish doesn’t mean your life is without pain, or that you never have any bad thoughts or unpleasant feelings. It simply means you decide to put strategies in place to provide you with the right environment to continue to grow and develop.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

With the right environment, even if you aren’t the most positive person in the world, you can be emotionally well. To flourish doesn’t require you to always have a sunny disposition, it does require that you are self-aware and take care of your well-being. Flourishing is the result of your overall well-being. Check out our article this week on 5 Ways to Tend to your Well-being. Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Consider your environment, and using the article, choose one of the 5 ways offered to tend to your well-being that you need to work on the most. Set a small SMART goal to work on using your Weekly Decision Tracker in your Success Workbook & Journal. 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“The only Point is to flourish and aid in the flourishing of others.” ~Ann Clifford

Flourishing is the result of your overall well-being. If you truly want to work on your well-being and flourish, consider our Launch My Success Membership. Included in this membership, is weekly group coaching with one of our awesome Success Partners. You can learn more about them here:  Learn More – Success Partners  Having a coach is an investment that you can expect to get a return on, it is not an expense. With a coach, you are nearly 50% more likely to achieve the goals and dreams you desire! 

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