How sustainable are your New Year goals?

We are excited to deliver your 2023 2nd Edition Weekly Winning Resource all about the word sustainable. Based on the Nielson report about 67% of the population sets New Year resolutions, but less than 2% actually achieve them. At I’ve Decided, we believe that everyone is capable of achieving their goals and dreams and we believe this low success rate can be improved drastically if we can all understand the reasons why people fail at their attempts in accomplishing the things they desire. One of the biggest reasons most of us give up on our New Year resolutions is we don’t have a sustainable plan to achieve them. The excitement of the New Year motivates us for change, but then we go too hard and fast making it virtually impossible to maintain. The key to improving your odds of achieving the things you desire in 2023 is to make an action plan with manageable goals that are easier to sustain.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Able to be maintained or kept going continuously over time.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

In our many attempts to achieve New Year goals without much long-term success, it is tempting to give up on the idea of resolutions all together. Instead, let’s look at how we can improve our odds of success with more sustainable goals that include small steps and changes that we can maintain through the year. In our Weekly Winning Article, we share a few ways to create sustainable goals that are easier to stick with. Check it out here: 

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

A good formula for success can be summed up in two words; abstain and sustain. In other words, what will you do and what will you not do? Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you can make small changes that will add up to big results by simply changing a few things you do. Use the worksheet we have provided you to write out some things you will do more of and  some things you will do less of that will improve your odds of achieving the goals and dreams you have for 2023. A few small changes in your normal routine can have the biggest impact on your success! Click Here to Download Worksheet!

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“It’s not about what you can sustain but rather what sustains you.” ~Unknown

Create a manageable action plan that is sustainable with the help from one of our Success Partners.

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