The quest for your best…Will you ever arrive?

We are excited to bring you this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word quest. Quest could easily be summed up as any journey, but it’s not quite that vague. You could be on a journey and not really be sure of where you’re going. When you’re on a quest, you are searching for something specific. You may think of mining for gold, digging for oil, or diving for lost treasure under the sea. These are quests because there is a specific mission or goal in mind. People spend years and sometimes most of their lives searching for these things. Really, our lives aren’t much different. All of us are in search of something. Sometimes we think that if we land the perfect job, find the perfect person to complete us, or get the perfect house and car, we will finally arrive at where we want to be in life. But, if you talk to someone who has accomplished all of these things, or hit the jackpot so to speak, they will tell you this feeling of accomplishment is a great feeling, but it quickly diminishes. There is always the next best thing or more to come. Consider your life more of a quest. You have a specific mission to attain, but that mission is ever expanding. There is no limit to what you can attain and how much you can grow. You really should never feel like you have completely arrived at some type of euphoric perfect place. In life we are always on a journey towards something bigger and better than where we are now. As long as you are alive, keep working, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning, keep building, keep seeking, and keep improving. You will never arrive until you take your last breath here on earth. Enjoy the quest!

Your Weekly Winning Word:


A journey towards a specific mission or goal.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

The challenge in the quest for your best is staying on course. On a journey, having a map so you can be assured you will get where you want to go and not just some random place, is important. Like a map has points and symbols to help you understand it, the quest for your best is the same. There are clues along the way that will help you know you’re on the right track in the quest for your best. In our Weekly Winning Article, we have shared 9 of these clues with you. Check it out here:

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

If you want to enjoy your life as a quest, you need a road map. Your challenge this week is to attend our Community Networking & Learning Thursday morning 8:30-10AM to hear our guest speaker, Jeannie Quick. Jeannie is the Founder of Dream Outside the Lines and an expert in vision boards. She will guide us in a roadmap to our dreams leading up to you creating your own vision board at the September 1st Community Networking & Learning. If there is no way for you to attend this opportunity in person, please be sure to join us virtually on Zoom or watch the recording. The Zoom link is: and the passcode is: 015935 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“The quest for knowledge never ends.” ~unknown

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