“9 Clues That You’re on the Right Track in the Quest for Your Best!”

The Quest for Your Best!

We hear the term, “success is a journey”, often. Although there is truth to this motto, it can be misleading. You can be on a journey and not really know where you’re going. To journey simply means to travel somewhere. You could float down a river and land at any unknown destination without some sense of direction or a guide. Life is no different. Additionally, success is relative to each person. How would you even define success? To sum up our life’s mission with such a broad statement could cause us some roadblocks or detours.

A quest is a search for something special or a journey towards a specific goal or mission. You may think of mining for gold or digging for oil. Sometimes we can get caught up in the trap of believing that if we make a certain amount of money, have the perfect house and car, or a “soulmate”, this is what life is all about. Albeit none of these things are necessarily bad, history has proven they don’t generate long term inner peace and a fulfilled life.

Looking at our example above of people mining for gold or digging for oil, what if you set out on a quest for your best as though you were in search of a great treasure. Instead of seeing yourself on a journey to success, see your life as a quest. You have a specific mission to attain, but the reality is that mission is ever expanding. There is no limit to how much you can learn and improve. When you are on a quest for your best, it sustains your peace and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

The challenge in the quest for your best is staying on course. Having a map so you can be assured you will get where you want to go and not just some random place, is important. Just like a map has points and symbols to help you understand it, in the quest for your best there are clues that will help you know you’re on the right track. Let’s look at what they are.

“9 Clues That You’re on the Right Track in the Quest for Your Best!”


You’re the owner –

You own your life. You stopped blaming other people about things that have happened in your life a long time ago. You are where you are today because of the choices you have made; good and bad. Life isn’t about what happens, it’s how you make it. There isn’t a human being alive who hasn’t had bad things impact their lives. None of us are special in this way. It isn’t fair to compare our hurts and struggles because pain is relative to the person. Pain is pain, period. Recognizing that you can decide to make things different, and you are in the process of doing it, is a big clue that you’re on the right track in the quest for your best.

Gratefulness is your second nature –

When you start to turn your attention towards the things that aren’t so good in your life, you quickly change your focus to what is good. You wake up in the morning feeling thankful for all that you have that you know in your heart you really don’t deserve. As humans, when we genuinely see that we have more than we should based on our own doing, it changes things. When you are thankful, sincerely grateful for what you have, truly appreciate the beauty around you, and value the blessing of your life, you can be assured that you are on the right track in the quest for your best.

People are calling –

As you start to progress towards becoming your best self, you will notice more attention from your peers and even strangers. You are getting emails, text, and phone calls from people asking for your advice or wanting to meet with you. These contacts are leading you to more professional success and helping you meet higher influencers. It is truly humbling and fulfilling to have people desire to want to connect with you. When your phone is ringing, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track in the quest for your best.

You laugh at perfect –

You gave up on being perfect a long time ago! You strive for perfection but realize that it is impossible to be perfect. While it’s true you can have moments of perfection, it doesn’t last for long. Besides, perfect is boring anyway. We all make mistakes. Everyone gets caught with something green in their teeth at some point or another. It’s okay. It’s important to learn to laugh at yourself and see your shortcomings as a part of your character. Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. You are no different. We all have insecurities and if we’re honest, we struggle feeling worthy. If you can take things with a grain of salt, laugh at your imperfections, and easily forgive yourself when you make mistakes, you’re on the right track in the quest for your best!

You’re a contributor –

You are making your mark and making a difference in the world. You understand that your purpose is about helping others and impacting those in your sphere of influence. You aren’t a yes person. In fact, you say no often. It’s that you know where and how you want to give back. If you see yourself as a difference maker, you are most definitely on the right track in the quest for your best.

Self-improvement is an investment –

No one must tell you that the costs of attending a conference or a workshop, working with an expert, joining a gym, self-care of any sort, or a life coach is not an expense it’s an investment. Statisticians suggest that for every dollar you invest in yourself, you will gain five dollars. There is no better investment than the investment you make in your own personal development. If you are going to accomplish the goals and dreams you desire and live the life you envision for yourself, you will need to allot an amount of your earned income to your personal growth. The most successful people in the world invest 10% of their income back into their self-improvement. When you see taking care of yourself as the best investment you can make, you are on the fast-track in the quest for your best.

Hard things don’t scare you –

You’re not scared to take some risks for the things you want. You know that success is hard and requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. You practice discipline and are open to doing difficult things. You avoid phrases like, “I can’t, I have to, or it’s too hard.” None of us will experience fulfillment in life if we don’t do hard things. It’s a part of the journey, and it’s the best way to learn. Research teaches us that all humans can do 40% more than we think we can. If you don’t let hard things stop you from accomplishing the things you want, you are on the right track in the quest for your best.

You listen to learn –

While it’s true some people may be a little better than others when it comes to listening, there isn’t one of us who couldn’t improve our listening skills. In general, humans are more in tune to our own thoughts and feelings more so than we are to what other people are thinking or how they are feeling. It may be hard to admit, but the truth is human nature is selfishness. When we give in to this human characteristic and we don’t work on improving this flaw, it reduces our ability to genuinely listen to what someone is saying. In other words, it’s our nature to listen so we can argue our point. It is not our nature to listen so we can possibly learn something that may change how we see things. Change is not on the radar because change can be painful. If we’re honest, we really don’t want to change. The good news is, we can work and improve our listening skills. If you are working at being a better listener and you are listening so you can learn new things, this is one of the best ways you can know that you are on the quest for your best.

You don’t worry –

Worrying never changes anything. Not one second that you spend worrying will change an outcome. In fact, for you it’s the opposite. You believe (even though you can’t see) the best is yet to come. You have confidence that when you are putting your best foot forward, and doing the best you can, things will work themselves out. You can rest and sleep well because your heart isn’t condemning you of wrongful actions. Your actions align with the things you know you should be doing. You don’t worry about what other people think and you don’t worry about things you can’t change. Your focus is on self-improvement and the things meant for you. If the phrase no rest for the weary does not apply to you because you have faith that in the end everything comes full circle, you are on the quest for your best self.

In life we are always on a journey towards something bigger and better than where we are now. As long as you’re here, keep working, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning, keep building, keep seeking, and keep improving. Enjoy the quest for you best!

Article Written By:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.


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