What determines your outcome?

Welcome to 2022! This is the year to “Unlimit Your Life!”, and we are here to help you do just that. Our very first Weekly Winning Word for the New Year is outlook. Mark Batterson is 100% correct, “The outcome in your life is determined by your outlook on life.” What is your outlook for 2022? We understand that these past two years have been hard for many of us and have brought many unexpected losses. There probably isn’t one of us who could say our lives haven’t been impacted to some degree by the pandemic and the division. It’s not unreasonable that we may have somewhat of a pessimistic outlook going into another year of unknowns. As hard as it may be, we want to encourage you to resolve to have a positive outlook. It’s a given, hard times will come, but a positive outlook is what will sustain you. Our mindset is the largest contributor to our success and just how far we will go in life. A more pessimistic outlook will cap us and limit what we achieve. Our theme for 2022 at I’ve Decided is, “Unlimit Your Life!” Have faith that great things will happen. Faith makes the uplook good, your outlook brighter, and assures you of a more glorious future. There is no doubt that if you keep a positive outlook in 2022, it will influence your outcome. Make it a great year!

Your Weekly Winning Word:


A personal point of view or general attitude to life.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Whether it is January 1st or June 30th, every day is one in which you can make a resolution to improve your life. Every morning you can choose to wake up and let negative energy control your life or choose to live with a more positive outlook. We found this great article on how you can transform your outlook to stop negativity and see life more positively. Check it out here: Click Here to Read the Article

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Take this first week of the New Year and practice being more mindful of your thoughts. Follow some of the steps in our Weekly Winning Article to help you become more aware of where your thoughts are directing you. Capture any negative thought and align it with a more positive outlook. Take time each day to journal how you are doing. 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Life…It tends to respond to our outlook. It shapes itself to meet our expectations.” ~Richard Devos 

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