Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word heedful. When you think of being heedful, what does it bring to your mind? You may think of being considerate, thoughtful, careful, or cautious. All of these are practices that would definitely describe being heedful. When you are giving your full attention to something, or being heedful, you are more focused and more capable of staying on track.  Ideas and opportunities can come on very quickly, and you must pay close attention to recognize them.  Heedful people are more successful than those who aren’t because of this. They are fully engaged allowing them to make the most of every experience and to be clear about what they should and shouldn’t do. How heedful are you?

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Aware of and attentive to.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

If you are going to achieve your goals and dreams, you must be heedful. In our Weekly Winning Article we share the benefits of being heedful and how you can be more heedful. Check it out here:

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Sometimes success is knocking at our door and we just aren’t heedful. How would live coaching benefit you? Your challenge this week is to be heedful to the opportunity to join in on a complimentary coaching session any Monday in September starting on the 12th at 1:30pm CST led by our Founder, Kim Martin. There is NO obligation to become a Launch My Success Member, just a time for you to learn more about the benefits coaching provides. The Zoom link to attend is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83584618429 and the Passcode is: 743243 

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Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Always be heedful of the ramifications your choices will have in your life.” ~Puja

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