What you really believe is what you manifest

What is it that you really believe? Do you believe that you manifest what you set your thoughts and attention to? The most successful people in the world teach this and believe it. So, instead of arguing with success, let’s see how we can start to apply this in our own lives and see what happens. Welcome to your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word manifest! There has to be something to the power of our intention. In fact, you most likely can recall in your own experience when you desired something so greatly that it became a reality. It’s true, when you believe something so strongly, it will most likely come to fruition. Maybe it’s because you have put your intentions on it, maybe it’s because you are focused, or your actions move you towards it. Whatever it is, there is too much evidence that points to us being able to manifest what we desire in our lives not to give it a chance. What will you manifest this week?

Your Weekly Winning Word:


To bring something to reality through thought, feelings, beliefs, and action.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

This week we decided to share a 4 minute video with you instead of a written article. It’s so powerful and really gives 4 key steps to manifesting what you desire. Check it out here:   Click Here to Watch

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

At our conference last Saturday, Troy Alexander taught us about the power of I am. Let’s use some of what he taught us this week to help us learn some keys to manifesting what we desire. In your Success Workbook and Journal, write a list of your limiting beliefs. Consider some compelling new beliefs that could replace the limited beliefs and write them down. Additionally, write out some powerful affirmation such as, I am capable, I am successful, I am grateful, I am blessed, I am a leader, I am healthy, ETC…You get the idea. Repeat the affirmations you write down for yourself each day.

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

What we really believe is what we manifest. What we believe we see. ~Byron Katie

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