How unshakeable are you?

Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word unshakeable. If you are going to achieve the goals and dreams you desire, you must have an unshakeable belief that you are capable of success. If you are unshakeable, you are confident, resilient, and absolutely determined on what you believe. With an unshakeable belief in your ability to succeed, you will force yourself to keep going even on the toughest days. Nothing will crack your determination to accomplish what you have decided to do. Here at I’ve Decided, we fully believe that you are unbreakable, unstoppable, and unshakeable. We believe in you! The question is, do you believe in yourself? How unshakeable are you?

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Utterly firm and unwavering.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

If you are going to achieve your biggest goals and dreams, it starts with believing that you can. We found this great article written by Sherrie Campbell on 10 ways to develop an unshakeable belief in yourself. Check it out here:  

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

If you are going to be unshakeable, you have to be good at saying no to distractions. Your challenge this week is to attend our I’ve Decided Community Networking & Learning on Thursday morning 8:30-10AM CST to hear from our guest speaker Tom Higgins, a criminal justice professor at ICC. His message is, “The duty to say no!” You can join in person at our I’ve Decided Community Room located at 3709 N Sterling Ave. Peoria 61615 (The parking and the entrance are in the back of the building.), or you can join on Zoom here: and the passcode is: 015935

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Sometimes resilience arrives in the moment you discover your own unshakeable goodness.” ~Gregory Boyle

A coach can help you stand firm

in what you believe and help you have unshakeable confidence in your ability to achieve the goals you desire.  Join in for a complementary group coaching session any Monday at 1:30 pm CST with Kim. Come and see for yourself the difference it could make. The Zoom link to attend is: and the passcode is: 743243

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