How is trust earned?

We are excited to bring you this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word trust. Trust is a mighty big word! How can you really trust anyone, yourself, or even the journey you’re on? From the time you are brought home from the hospital as a newborn baby, you must trust those who are responsible for keeping you safe and nurturing you. There is no living person who hasn’t had the trust bond broken from another human at some point in our lives. We even let our own selves down. This is why trust is such a fragile, yet powerful thing. If you trust, you can have comfort, security, and confidence. Without trust, there is anxiety, doubt, and fear. Who or what can you sincerely trust? People make mistakes, we all fall short under certain circumstances and pressures. Humanity can never be fully trusted. We are weak in nature, but we have an amazing ability to grow and develop behaviors that can make us more trustworthy. For example, when you practice and develop discipline, you will make better choices that align with your deeper goals and desires. This will give you more confidence and belief in your own ability to do what you say you’re going to do. This will help you to trust yourself. The same is true when it comes to others. The more they show themselves capable of doing what they say, the more you can trust them, If you consider your journey so far, it confirms that in time everything works out, and this will allow you to trust the process. At the end of the day, there is only One you can fully trust, and that is your Creator, the One who holds the world in the palm of His hands. Anything else, and all others, including your own self, will let you down at some point. No person is perfect, we can only learn and develop those behaviors that make us more trustworthy people.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

If you want to be a trustworthy person and sharpen your skills of seeking trustworthy people, there are certain behaviors you will need to master. It takes time and discipline, but it’s worth the work. In our article this week we share five daily disciplines for you to practice that will build trustworthiness. Check it out here:  

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Make a list of people who you feel are trustworthy. Write out the qualities that make them someone you can trust. How are you doing personally in the trustworthy zone? Can you trust yourself? What, if any, are some daily disciplines you could improve?

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Trust in the timing of everything that happens.” ~Unknown

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