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At I’ve Decided our mission is your success. We know if you’re going to be successful long term, you must cultivate resilience. You grow your ability to be resilient by learning to cope with challenges through experience. Basically, you have to get knocked down in order to learn how to pick yourself back up. Over time, successful people learn not only how to overcome, but to embrace these challenges. They understand that each crisis they face is a chance to learn and grow. What opportunities do you have to practice resilience? Take the time this week to focus and be intentional on learning more and practicing being resilient. A huge factor in being resilient is being adaptable. We had to practice that this week with our Weekly Winning Word. If you you look in your planner, you will notice that the word is supposed to be cultivate. We mistakenly duplicated the same word two weeks from now. In the spirit of practicing resilience and making the most of it, we decided to pick a new word for this week. It seems we are all learning about resilience lately and what it takes to keep positive and be strong when you get knocked down. So it seems fitting to make that our new weekly winning word. We hope you agree and enjoy this week’s edition of your Weekly Winning Resource!

Your Weekly Winning Word:


The ability to recover from hardship and move forward in a positive, adaptive way.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Resilience is not a trait. Resilience is a learned behavior cultivated by development, preparation, experience, adaptability, and passion. This is good news; This means you and anyone willing, can build and improve upon being resilient. The key to cultivating resilience is practice. Check out this article for the 5 ways you can start practicing resilience now.  Click Here To Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Resilience is a mental muscle. The more you practice the stronger you become. What opportunities do you have to practice being resilient. How can you adapt and find the positive in any challenges you face. Take time this week to workout your mental muscle, resilience, by putting to practice the 5 ways in the article.

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Resilience isn’t cultivated by avoiding stress, but by learning how to master it.” ~Unknown

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Listen in to Jonathon Romain from his talk “Starting from Scratch” as he shows resilience through his life. If you heard Jonathon at the February 1st Conference this will be a great refresher for you!


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