Why does reverence matter?

Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word reverence. Reverence is a deep respect and it can also describe how you treat someone or something. Why does reverence matter? Paul Woodruff writes, “Because It Is A Forgotten Virtue. Power without reverence is aflame with arrogance, while service without reverence is smoldering toward rebellion. Politics without reverence is blind to the general good and deaf to advice from people who are powerless. Because reverence fosters leadership and education. Most important, because reverence kindles warmth in friendship and family life. And because without reverence, things fall apart. People do not know how to respect each other and themselves. An army cannot tell the difference between what it is and a gang of bandits. Without reverence, we cannot explain why we should treat the natural world with respect. Without reverence, a house is not a home, a boss is not a leader, an instructor is not a teacher. Without reverence, we would not even know how to learn reverence. To teach reverence, you must find the seeds of reverence in each person and help them grow.” To live in reverence means that I am not above any other human being. Without reverence, pride, prejudice, and self righteousness abound.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


A feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

We found a great article with some strong points and valuable things to consider as it relates to a book titled, “Reverence”,  written by Paul Woodruff. Check it out here: Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Take some time this week to think of the people or things that you hold in deep respect and that you are in awe of. Write a short essay of what reverence means to you and how you apply it in your life. You can use one of your journal pages in your Success Workbook & Journal.

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

~Henry David Thoreau


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