Here at I’ve Decided, we are fired up and ready to finish the year strong, and after this weekend’s Virtual Motivational and Leadership Conference you should have new energy and vigor to finish this year strong too. Remember, if you weren’t able to make it on Saturday morning, you can log in as a member to our website at and watch the recording. We promise you, it will rejuvenate you and be worth the investment of your time. 
Speaking of rejuvenate, that just happens to be our weekly winning word. Our big focus at the conference was, now is not the time to shrink back and give up on our goals, now is the time to kick it up a notch and finish the year strong. We can all agree, we are living in some unprecedented times. We are all feeling the burnout and the heaviness of the world right now, and it is overwhelming. These emotions can wreak havoc on our ability to be excited about our goals and dreams. In fact, the overload of negativity can cause us to shrink back, to lose momentum, and to lose the desire to do the hard work. It can just feel like too much. Maybe you’re feeling like that right now, and if so we want to encourage you to take some time to rejuvenate. Take some time to disconnect from the world, sit with your journal, and remember what you want to accomplish. What did you decide you wanted to get done this year? It’s not too late, you can rejuvenate your mind and spirit and finish the year strong. Pick one thing you can do between now and December 31st that will move you closer to your goal. You’ve got this, and we will be here every step of the way with you! 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Give new energy or vigor to. Revitalize or restore. 

Your Weekly Winning Article:

We found this awesome article, “5 tips to rejuvenate your goals in 2021 before it’s too late that is spot on. Check it out here: Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

What can you think of that is more rejuvenating and inspiring than success stories? Success stories light a fire within us and it is important that we capture as many of your successes as possible. One great way to rejuvenate yourself to keep going after your goals and finish the year strong, is to focus on what you’ve done well so far. If you are willing, your challenge this week is to click on this google form and answer the questions regarding your successes as a member so far. We believe it will remind you of how far you’ve come, and you will be helping us with a project as well. We are working towards gathering some of our community’s success stories to share on our website and conferences. We are working with Whitney Creath, one of our members who is a copywriter and a social marketer. Whitney is going to take your story and put it together with all your fellow members’ stories to create a success portfolio that we will use on our website and at conferences. Please click here to share your success story with us: (or copy and paste in your web browser.) 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Being surrounded by positive and successful people will rejuvenate and inspire you.” ~Kim Martin

If you want to give new energy and vigor to your goals and dreams, maybe it’s time for a coach. If you haven’t upgraded yet, consider our Launch My Success Membership. Included in this membership, is weekly group coaching with one of our awesome Success Partners. You can learn more about them here:

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Having a coach is an investment that you can expect to get a return on, it is not an expense. The time is now…What are you waiting for?

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