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We are excited to bring you this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word openness. If you attended our Virtual Monthly Group Session with Kim this past Tuesday, then you know our monthly main focus is about community and relationships. There is no better foundation for building lasting relationships than openness. Openness is the cornerstone to a meaningful dialogue with people. There is healing in openness and it allows others to share in your journey at a deeper level.  A saying we hear often is, “There is no shame in my game!” As funny as it sounds, it is something we should consider. There really is no shame in our past mistakes or bad choices we’ve made along our success journey. The important thing is, we live and we learn. We share our failures and faults with others in hopes to help someone or encourage them. Carrying shame and keeping secrets tucked away is like having a chain around your heart. Secrets can make you sick and cause severe anxiety and even depression. People who are successful tend to live with a willingness to share their personal stories with a sincere openness and honesty that others can look up to and respect. Decide now to have a nature of openness and don’t harbor any secrets that could make you sick.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


The quality of being honest and not hiding information or feelings.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Healthy relationships are one of the great benefits of openness, but there are others. What are the benefits of an attitude of openness? Let’s take a look in our Weekly Winning Article. 

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Take some time this week to consider how open you are. Do you have at least a few meaningful relationships where you can share everything honestly and safely? Do you have a secret you’ve held on to for way too long and need to get it off your chest? Tucking them away may seem like the easiest way to cope with things we aren’t proud of, but that doesn’t allow complete healing. If you are going to live your best life, you will have to adopt an attitude of openness. What is one thing you can do that will help you be more open in your life and relationships?  

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou

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