This is the highest form of human intelligence!

We are excited to share this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word observe. Usually, when you think of the word observe, you might think of watching others or what’s going on around you. At least, that’s what we thought at first glance when doing some research to write our content. However, it took a turn when we found this awesome quote about self observation being the highest form of human intelligence. Be sure to notice it is clear to say self observation, not self judgment; A big difference! There are many characteristics of people who achieve the highest success, but one that stands out over and over again among people who achieve their goals and those who don’t, are those who exercise self awareness. In other words, being really good at observing yourself. This means, you pay attention to your thoughts, you recognize your behavior, and the reason you do certain things. You take full responsibility for your decisions, and hold yourself accountable for your strengths as well as your weaknesses. So, while it is important to be an observer and pay attention to what’s happening around you, it’s far more important to observe yourself the most. Be a self observer!

Your Weekly Winning Word:


To see, watch, perceive, or notice. To watch carefully. 

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Observing your life is a different state of mind, and so much more than just thinking of yourself. When we really start to pay attention to how we behave, what we feel, and what we think, we become more aware of our inner and outer world. This understanding can help us make necessary changes in our lives. We found this very short but powerful article, ”  Simple Ways to Start Being the Observer of Your Life. Check it out:  Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Your challenge this week is to be a self observer. Pay close attention to your thoughts, how you respond to certain things, and your mood changes. Answer some of the questions in the article as you go about your week and write them down in your Success Workbook and Journal.   

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

To acquire knowledge one must study; But to acquire wisdom, one must observe. ~Marilyn Vos Sava

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