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Happy Easter to you and your family! Jesus is the best example we have to follow when it comes to living a life of purpose and fulfilling what we were created for. Today, as we celebrate His resurrection, we can celebrate that in Him we have the power to fulfill whatever goals and dreams we have. How awesome is that! This Easter edition of your Weekly Winning Resource is all about the word fulfill. Here at I’ve Decided INC, we believe that you are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it. Whatever it is you desire to accomplish, you have the power within you to do it. When you live to fulfill a purpose, you can expect that it will be a lot of hard work. It takes discipline, determination, and most importantly perseverance to see it through. Achieving your purpose is hard, but it is also what makes life so fulfilling. There is no better time than now to stick the stake in the ground and DECIDE to fulfill what you know in your heart you should do. We are here for you and as a member of our I’ve Decided Community, you have all 10 pieces of the puzzle for your success! Your time is now!

Your Weekly Winning Word:


To fill a need or a want; to do something as promised or intended. To satisfy your hopes or expectations

Your Weekly Winning Article:

This may be the shortest article we’ve ever sent out, but it is powerful! David Chadwick shares 4 principles to keep in mind when trying to determine your God-given purpose. Check it out!   Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

It is difficult and we believe ultimately impossible to be fulfilled if you are not acting on what you know you were born to do. This week take some time to look at your life and the decisions you are making daily. What are you doing that is moving you towards where you know you should be? What is one thing you can change? 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

Nothing is more fulfilling than living a life of purpose. Discover and fulfill your purpose for living. ~Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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