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We are excited to deliver this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word no. This small, but mighty word, often gets a bad rap. We don’t like to hear the word no and typically we don’t like to tell others no either. Using the word no can feel like a negative thing, but honestly that’s just not true. The truth is, using the word no is a huge time saver, and when used appropriately, it often results in a better outcome for both parties. We all have the right to say no and we shouldn’t fear using it. The problem is, when saying the word no, it triggers a wave of negative emotions. We often feel guilty and we worry about offending someone. These emotions make it very difficult to set the needed boundaries to stay focused on our most important priorities, and isn’t that what saying no is about? No is not a negative word, it’s quite the opposite. In most situations, it can be the most positive word we can use or have someone say to us. The word no can protect you from further frustrations. Think of a time when someone said yes to you, but their heart wasn’t in it. It would have saved a lot of time and hassle if they had just said no to begin with. We must learn to say the word no and learn to graciously accept the word no.  If you intend to successfully achieve your goals and dreams, using the word no will be one of the best tools you have to prioritize and stay focused.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


not at all; an act of refusing. 

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Why is it that one of the most important words to say is also the hardest? It is not a bad thing to say no and no is not a negative word. If you struggle with saying no and could use some pointers to help you use this powerful little word, check out our Weekly Winning Article, “Know when to say no!”  Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Consider something you are being asked to do, and make a clear decision if it is something you should say yes to. Use the questions in the Weekly Winning Article to help you make the best choice. 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“The word no is a great time saver. Say no to anything that is not the highest and best use of your time. ~Brian Tracy

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