What is the ultimate duty of humanity?

Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the subject of humanity. Humanity is the human race, which includes everyone on earth. It is also the desirable qualities that make us human such as the ability to love, have compassion, be creative, to learn, and to make progress. Humanity is from the Latin word humanitas meaning human nature. It’s very interesting if we see humanity as being human, but it’s also the potential available to us as human beings. This is a unique ability that only human beings have. All other living creatures including every living animal and plant on earth do not have this same opportunity. They exist with an innate trait that cannot be changed. Although humans have some innate talents as well, we also have the option to choose certain things. The possibilities for humanity is truly unlimited. We can always love more, be more compassionate, be more creative, learn more, and make more progress. This is wonderful, except we must apply human nature. Human nature then can hold us back and hinder our capabilities. Unfortunately we have some human tendencies we must come to terms with and be willing to change them. These natures are our selfishness, greed, the desire for power, and control. They get in our way and stifle our growth, and they are the characteristics that cause us to lose faith in all humanity. The only way to turn things around is to constantly work on self-improvement while taking a responsibility in helping our fellow man. It is the ultimate duty of humanity. 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


The quality or state of being human.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Even with all that is happening, we shouldn’t give up hope on ourselves or others. We must take responsibility for our own self-improvement and development and take responsibility for helping the people in our sphere of influence as well. While this may seem like a task too difficult to accomplish, it is possible. In our article this week, “Restoring Faith in Humanity”, we will look at why we lose faith in humanity, what happens when we do, and how to restore it. Check it out here:

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Reflect on these 2 questions: 1) How am I making a positive impact on humanity? 2) What else can I do?

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

 Do not lose faith in humanity. Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~Unknown

The best thing you can do for humanity is to be your best self.

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