How do you measure your success?

We are excited to bring you this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word measure.
Peter Drucker, one of the great management theorists, is known for saying, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  Most of us measure success with wealth, happiness, status, and the capacity of our influence. Albeit, these are potentially great means by which to measure, they may not be the most important, at least to you. Success is relative to you and must be measured by what is important to you. If you’re not measuring your success by your own ruler, you will get burned out, feel overwhelmed, and most likely give up before you achieve your goals. We have a tendency to compare our lives and success to others, and this can cause us to feel inadequate. While it’s always a great idea to have positive influence and someone who inspires us, we have to be careful not to size up our journey to success to theirs. Your success will look differently than someone else’s success. Additionally, it’s important that you don’t use just one means to measure your success. There are certain spaces in your life that will likely be very difficult to measure, like your mental health, relationships, freedom, and your sense of fulfillment. You will have to determine what success looks like in each of these areas. At I’ve Decided, our mission is your success, and we know that if you are going to accomplish your goals and dreams, how you measure success will be critical in whether or not you achieve what you desire. 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


An amount or degree of something.  

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Everybody wants to be successful, but if you ask the average person, you won’t find a clear answer of what success stands for or how to measure it. The most common metrics are wealth and status, but based on research, they are the least likely to motivate you to the success you desire. We could write a book on the many ways you can measure success, but we compiled four metrics in our article that can simplify it a bit for you. Check it out here:

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Take some time and answer the questions in the article, reflect on what success means to you, and what are the best ways for you to measure your success. 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have.”  ~Vince Lombardi

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