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With everything that’s happened in the last week, and how it’s changing on a daily basis, aren’t you amazed at how fast our lives can be turned upside down? This pandemic has truly added new meaning to our Weekly Winning Resource. Now, more than ever, we need motivation, we need encouragement, we need support, we need inspired thoughts, we need positivity, we need personal development, and most importantly, we need each other. The fact is, we can’t control these challenging times happening due to this virus outbreak, but we can control our own mindset. You can decide what you choose to do during these unprecedented times. At I’ve Decided, our mission is your success. We don’t think it’s by chance that our Weekly Winning Words have been so in line with the challenges we’re facing today. We believe it’s all been planned perfectly by divine appointment. This week our word is fuel. While it’s true, what’s happening is out of your control, what you decide to fuel your mind with is totally up to you. Please don’t hear this wrong, fear is a real emotion that all of us experience. We don’t want you to feel bad if you’ve been battling with fear over the last couple of weeks. That is totally normal. What we want to encourage today and going forward is that you decide to choose faith over fear. There is something so empowering about living decided. Decide today to fuel positive thoughts, fuel facts not false information, fuel prayer not panic, fuel generosity not hoarding, and of course fuel faith, not fear.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Anything that produces energy, power, or heat.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

It is important for you to fuel positivity during these times for your own sanity, and for those who are looking to you for encouragement. I’m sure you would agree that gratitude is like the super unleaded gasoline for fueling your positivity, but in addition to having a grateful mindset, here are 4 more ways that can help you be successful in fueling positivity when faced with so much uncertainty.   Click Here To Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

The new norm is social distancing, but we want you to think about this differently. Instead of social distancing think physical distancing. You could actually take this time to be more social than ever. For your challenge this week be intentional about being social. Take time this week to call old friends or family members you haven’t talked to in a while. Even better, face time them! Additionally, we will be providing you with our Success Groups on-line along with other on-line learning and social gatherings, so be sure to participate when possible. Now, more than ever, we need each other. Together we can!

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Discipline is the fuel for achievement.”

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We have an awesome show for you to listen into! Our guest is Dr. Marianne Hoyle and she is talking do Kim about our Weekly Winning Word, fuel. Great encouragement and advice during this pandemic.

#207 March 22nd, 2020 – Fuel, great encouragement and advice during this pandemic

Thank you for joining “My Success” hosts Kim Martin and Miracle Roese with their special guest Juanita Williams discussing last weeks weekly winning word “journey.”


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