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We are more than enthusiastic about this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource, we are exuberant over it! See what we did there? If you guessed that the Weekly Winning Word is exuberant, then you win the prize! ?
What does it mean to be exuberant? To understand more, let’s talk about what it’s not. If you are exuberant, you are not ho-hum. You see the glass half-full, not half-empty. When you get knocked down, you quickly rebound and you don’t stay down to wallow in your misery. You lift others up, and you don’t thrive off of drama. Regularly, others may say to you, “I need some of that energy you have!” If you are exuberant, you’re definitely not passive, gloomy, or down-hearted. It’s just the opposite, you exude a zest for life and are very energetic. You don’t complain or sweat the small stuff, you see beauty in the ordinary. You don’t grumble, instead you are grateful. As an exuberant person, you know that you can always do better and you invest in yourself to improve. You don’t mope when it rains, you dance in the rain. By understanding what being exuberant is not, we can understand more clearly the power and beauty being exuberant brings. How exuberant are you? 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Very energetic and showing the happiness of being alive.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Just like any behavior, exuberance is no different. It’s the habits we create that birth the behavior. We found a great article, “The 16 habits of exuberant human beings.” How do your habits compare? Check it out here: Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Your challenge this week is to act with exuberance. Even if you don’t feel like it, force yourself to look on the bright side and be more energetic. When you catch yourself being downhearted or negative, flip the narrative. Be mindful of your language. Every time someone ask you how you are doing this week respond with, “I am wonderful or I am great”, thank you! Stop and smell the roses and even dance in the rain. Most importantly, be mindful of the difference it is making in your life this week as you walk with exuberance. Remember, if you want to be more exuberant, act exuberant. 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Nothing ever succeeds which exuberant people have not helped to produce.” ~ Fredrich Nietzsche 

You have nothing to lose.

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