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Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word elevate. At I’ve Decided, our mission is your success. We know that if you are going to achieve those life goals and dreams you have, you have to work at having a higher level of thinking and thought process. There is no cap or limits to how high we can go except for what we put on ourselves. It’s time to elevate our mindset. 
For most of us, here’s what happens; You set expectations high for yourself because you know that you are capable of extraordinary success. However, on another level you start to allow yourself to believe that your dreams are unattainable. In your mind, you put limits and boundaries around your abilities. For example, have you ever stopped yourself from doing something you really wanted because you were afraid of doing it wrong? Have you ever played smaller than you know you should or held yourself back because you believed that’s just the way it should be?  Maybe you’ve wanted to elevate yourself by writing a book, being a speaker or a coach, but you don’t think your message is perfect enough. Maybe you feel stuck or bound to other people’s expectations. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. At some point we all experience these limiting thoughts and ideas that keep us from going for what we truly desire. The good news is, you can change. When you elevate your thought process, you have a unique ability to transform your mindset. Truly, the pursuit of success is one of our greatest gifts. It’s what develops our character and makes life wonderful. The time is now to elevate our mindset and kick the limiting beliefs to the curb! 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Lift up; Raise to a more important or impressive level.  

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Our mind doesn’t know limits if we don’t create them, and you know what the best part is? We can think the way we choose to. Check out this great article we found, “4 Ways to Enhance Your Thoughts and Break these Imaginary Barriers in our Mind.”  Click Here to Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Self-awareness is so important in our journey to success. Use your journal page this week in your Success Workbook & Journal to log daily any limiting beliefs that you experience. Write down a new elevated affirmation instead. For example, Limited belief:  “I don’t have the time to work on my book.”  Elevated affirmation:  “I will wake up 30 minutes early each day to write at least 2 paragraphs.”  If you are working with an I’ve Decided Success Partner, be sure to share your thoughts with them during your weekly group coaching session. 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Your mind shines brightest when you enlighten others; your heart, when you encourage others; your soul, when you elevate others; and your life, when you empower others.” “Bless the world with your mind, heal the world with your heart, lift the world with your soul; elevate the world with your life.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo

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