Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about opportunity! If what they say is true, “Opportunity is all around you, or opportunity is knocking at your door!”, then why do we miss it? The reality is, opportunity rarely knocks loudly. Unfortunately, this is why most of us are guilty of letting opportunity slip right through our hands. On your life’s journey, if you are going to be successful, it’s important to take the opportunities that come your way. In fact, in some of the research we found, experts say, “Never say no to opportunity”! One dilemma we are faced with in opportunities, on the surface they seem to present themselves as problems. They rarely show up in a pretty box with a bow on top! Another one is, they hide themselves in the middle of difficulties. There are plenty of other reasons why we miss out on the chances life gives us, but looking at these two issues alone, you can understand how all of us have missed some great opportunities in our life. At I’ve Decided, we want to help you make sure you can spot the opportunities that come your way. An opportunity is a chance to change your circumstances for the better and get you further along towards achieving your goals and dreams. You must train your eye to always be searching for them.

Your Weekly Winning Word:


A favorable situation for a positive outcome

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Adam Sicinski in his article says, “To the untrained eye, unable to see past the present moment, all opportunities are actually insurmountable problems that make life more difficult or hard. This is where we make our mistake, we see our problems as problems rather than challenges that test our strength and resolve.” His article, “How to Unlock Opportunities for Achieving Your Goals”, is packed with amazing information on how to seize opportunity. Read it here:  Click Here To Read

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

What opportunities are being presented to you right now? To gain some clarity, take some time this week to answer these questions 1) What is the goal or end result that I am looking for right now? 2) What is in front of me at this moment that would give me a chance to move closer towards my goal? 3) Do I have the necessary resources to pull it off? 4) Will I get this opportunity again? 5) Am I making an emotional decision, or is it based on my present reality?

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“In the midst of difficulties lies opportunity.” ~Albert Einstein

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