What’s your next best step?

We are excited to bring you the newest edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word discern. Having good discernment isn’t about knowing everything right now, it’s deciding what the best next step should be. To discern well is critical for you to achieve your goals and dreams. Good discernment allows you to see, recognize, understand, or decide what you should do next. It’s not about right and wrong, it’s about right and almost right. Success isn’t about asking yourself what the next step should be, it’s about discerning what is the best choice for you. The journey to your greatest opportunities are made up of one BEST step at a time

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Able to see, recognize, understand, or decide something

Your Weekly Winning Article:

The difference between you accomplishing what you desire or not is being able to choose between good and best. To discern well allows you to choose the next most important step for yourself. Sometimes you may have a few viable options, and that’s where it gets hard. In the Winning Article this week, we share six factors to consider when you need to decide what the next best step is. Check it out here:  

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Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

What is your next best step? Using the 6 factors we talked about in the Weekly Winning Article, take time this week to think about the goals and dreams you have for yourself. Decide what your next best step should be. If you need some help, now is a good time to take us up on the free coaching session with one of our awesome Success Partners.

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Reflection enables us to discern the next step even if we are not clear about the next mile.” ~Alan Smith

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