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Welcome to this edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word compromise. Did we say never compromise? Yes we did. Now, let’s be clear, to function in modern society, you must compromise. You can’t go into the station and negotiate with the clerk over the price of gas. That won’t fly. It’s okay to compromise on small things. However, when it comes to the bigger things like your core values, your goals and dreams, and ultimately what you want out of life, don’t compromise. If you do, you will lose some of yourself and not reach your highest potential. Jan Fortune, the writer of our Weekly Winning Article this week, believes that compromise is just another word for mediocrity. To some degree, this is definitely true. Our current culture encourages us to compromise as though it is a virtue to do so. There is one very big problem with this, when you compromise on the things that are important to you, you get what you never wanted. Most people will compromise on what they believe and what they desire due to worry of what others will think about them or say about them. Other reasons we can compromise on ourselves is the fear of failure and the lack of confidence. You should never compromise on the things that are important and matter most to you. 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


Accept standards that are lower than is desirable.

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Compromise isn’t about being flexible or having an open mind. In fact, reaching agreements and negotiating is a valuable skill, but that’s not what compromise is. Compromise is all too often about accepting an outcome that has lower standards than you desired. When it comes to your goals and dreams and the life you desire, there can be no compromise. We found this powerful article that shares 8 reasons why you should never compromise. Check it out:

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

Make a detailed list of the things, goals, and values that matter most to you so that you can be clear about what you should never compromise on. Share the list with your coach.

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“Compromise is a sign you will pass on the road to mediocrity.”  ~ Tim Fargo

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