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We are excited to bring you this New Year edition of your Weekly Winning Resource all about the word celebrate. As you ring in the New Year this week, remember to celebrate all that you have accomplished. As humans, it’s natural to zone in on what we didn’t achieve rather than focus on what we did accomplish. We are quick to condemn our shortcomings and the guilt settles in. We get down on ourselves when we feel like we didn’t do what we should have and then tend to just give up on our goals and dreams all together. Don’t let that happen. Instead, take time this week to celebrate every single thing you did well in 2021 no matter how big or small. Celebrating small wins is the key to staying motivated and ultimately attaining the success you desire. Yes, celebrate the New Year this week, but also make time to celebrate YOU! 
May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a blessed 2022! 

Your Weekly Winning Word:


acknowledge a significant happy day or event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity. 

Your Weekly Winning Article:

Big goals won’t happen overnight. To achieve the success you desire will take thousands of small wins along the way. We found this great article that shares 6 ways you can celebrate the small wins and achieve your goals. Check it out here: Click Here to Read the Article

Your Weekly Winning Challenge:

We will be celebrating as a community together at our 8th Annual Motivational and Leadership Conference on January 28th and 29th. If you haven’t already, your challenge this week is to log in to the website at and sign up to attend this event. There is no better way to celebrate the New Year and kick off 2022 on the right foot. Be sure to log in as a member before you register so that your appropriate member discount will apply. In addition, consider all of your wins in 2021 and be sure to celebrate them this week! 

Your Weekly Winning Quote:

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~Oprah Winfrey

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