Today’s professional, regardless of their level of success, can feel uncertain, overwhelmed, and even powerless. This 12-week integrative course will equip you with sustainable strategies to: Grow your influence, strengthen personal leadership, and enjoy greater well-being and satisfaction in your workplace and at home.

Learning Modules:

  • Master Behavior Change

  • Master Your Impact

  • Master Your Interactions

  • Master the Well You

Kim Martin, Facilitator: Master Behavior Change

Kim is the founder of I’ve Decided INC, an organization designed to help people achieve their goals and dreams. She is a certified behavior coach, and the author of “DECIDE” a 6 step Guide to changing any behavior to ensure long term success.

Cindy Byrd, Facilitator: Master Your Impact

Cindy is a speaker, educator and thinking partner who helps individuals and businesses communicate with insight and impact, build positive brands, and create exceptional experiences for colleagues, employees, and customers alike.

Dean Heffta, Facilitator: Master Your Interactions

Dean speaks, writes, and trains on effective communication and leadership development. He is a certified coach and licensed provider of Process Communication Model.

Mary Ardapple, Facilitator: Well You

Mary is a certified international integrative health coach, and author of, “These Hands of Mine” advocating optimal well-being is beyond the foods we consume. Discover the bio-individuality of the well you!

$2300 Course Fee Includes:

  • 12-week training with 1 ½ hour weekly sessions. Course start date and times need to be arranged before registration.
  • One Year I’ve Decided Community Membership*
  • A completion certification

Corporate/Team rate of 5 or more $1,900 per person. 

Contact us at or our phone number is 309-670-2018. I've Decided is located at 3709 N Sterling Ave. Peoria, IL 61615