The Winning Advantage!

Talk: The Winning Advantage!

Get inspired by hearing John Abraham share is journey to success. John took what seemed like a disadvantage and used it to motivate him to work hard, be disciplined, and win awards in body building competitions. He used this same attitude to become one of the top performers in his industry. John will share with you those 10 things you need to know to give yourself the winning advantage!

About the Speaker: John Abraham of Caliber Home Loans is a native of Peoria, IL. John Abraham has over 27 years of experience in the mortgage business. He has been recognized as one of the top producers in our country and prides himself with the personal service and attention he provides his clients. John has been recognized from 1998 to present by Mortgage Originator Magazine as one of the top 200 mortgage loan officers in the nation. John is also the owner of  Heart of America Natural Classic. This completely drug free venue allows athletes to showcase their talent, and not have to compete against non-drug tested athletes and be at a disadvantage. John loves to motivate and inspire others by sharing his personal success story and leading by example.