Success Groups

We are excited to bring our newest resource to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We have designed these monthly success groups to provide you the opportunity to network with other people who are interested in a similar goal to you, advice and information from an expert coach, and the support you need for success. The best news is these groups are included in your I’ve Decided Membership.

  • Success Social - Come connect with the awesome members of I've Decided. You never know who the next right person is for you to meet that will help you along your success journey.
    Snacks provided by A Catered Affair and non alcoholic drinks available for all. There is no charge for this fun event. All guests are welcome!

Meets on the fourth Friday of every month 4:30 - 6 pm.

  • Master My Message Success Group - Connect with others interested in speaking and learn from our expert coach, Cindy Byrd.

Meets the Second Tuesday of each month 4:30 - 6 pm.

  • Lose 50+ Pounds Success Group - Meet with others to learn, support, and keep each other accountable during your weight loss journey!

Meets the First Monday of each month 6:30  - 8 pm.

  • Improve My Finances and Get Out of Debt - Are you sick and tired of not having enough money to do what you need to do? Learn how to create and live on a budget, get investment pointers, and be surrounded by others who have the same goal. Led by expert budget Coach, Vickie Streitmatter and Financial Planner, Stacey Reed.

Meets the Second Thursday of each month 6 - 7:30 pm.

  • Be More Productive - Learn tips and tricks to have better time management and be more organized with your time. Led by expert Coach, Karen Shorey. Get the support and skills you need for success.

Meets the Third Tuesday of each month 4:30 - 6 pm.

Success Group
  • Build My Business - Profit or not for profit that is the question? Take on business planning, organizational charts, finding capital, and grant writing. Our expert coach, Brenda Grove will lead you to success.

Meets the fourth Thursday of each month 5:30 -  7 pm.


Our Mission is Your Success!

Like a puzzle, being successful requires many pieces connected to be complete. I've Decided is the only place you can get all the pieces you need to achieve your goals and dreams in one place. 

Support, accountability, motivation, inspiration, education, information, tools, resources, and most importantly the right mindset!

The only piece of the success puzzle missing is YOU!

Take the first step towards achieving your goals and dreams today by joining our community.

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