Stop Tripping and Get Some Balance in Your Life


Dr. Shaw is a Tedx speaker and also a Best Selling Co-Author of “Unbreakable Spirit”, which is presented by International Speaker, Lisa Nichols. She also has a Motivational Audio Book and Inspirational Song, “I Am Enough”.  She is the radio host of Minding My Business, is aired on WXRJ 94.9 FM every Wednesday at 6 pm CST.

Felicia discovered her purpose was to show others that they can harness their power by unlocking their purpose, they can defeat self-limiting behaviors, and they can live life to the fullest with balance. Felicia believes if we help one another, we can all grow.

The objectives of this presentation will empower the listening audience to:

1. Understand the true meaning of balance for their lives
2. Identify their Core Values
3. Prioritize the important aspects of life
4. Take action
5. Reflect and Release
You will leave this Power Session saying YES to what completes you and NO to what depletes you! Begin living in a balanced state of mind.