What is your disability?  We all have them, things like stress, anxiety, depression, victims of abuse or addiction.  Are you choosing to use your disability as an excuse?

Kurt P. White decided early on to eliminate the word “can’t” from his vocabulary.  Recognizing his own physical disabilities might be easier to see than those mentioned above, he helps you see beyond your disabilities and encourages you to live your life to the fullest.

As one of I’ve Decided’s preferred speakers, Kurt shares how he Lives Life to the Fullest as a Handicapable Person.  Kurt believes living your life to the fullest means utilizing your God-given time and talent to the best of your ability.  His stories and attitude towards life easily transcend him to be an effective I’ve Decided Success Partner.

Choosing Kurt as your Success Partner, you can expect him to fully utilize his gift of encouragement to discover whatever excuse(s) you are using that are prohibiting you from being the best version of yourself.  First, he will show you how you can overcome life’s obstacles.  Next, it is time to discover and pursue the passions in your life.  What is your purpose?  Prepare to focus on the things in life you feel strongly about and truly motivate you.  Finally, it will be time to put your faith into action.  Ultimately, Kurt is confident you  will eliminate the excuses and remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary.

Difficulty is inevitable, discouragement is optional.  I am committed to encourage you to live your life decided.  Once you follow your passion, you soon will discover your purpose, and some day you might find this newfound mindset becomes your profession.  All that remains is taking action.  If you are ready to join me in living life to the fullest, let us do it together.  If you are still asking yourself, “why?”, my answer to you is, “why not?”

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