P.H.E.A.R.C.E. ”The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence”

Talk: P.H.E.A.R.C.E. ”The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence”

Whether creating the Ultimate Learning Environment in a school setting, starting a small business or running a Fortune 500 company, PHEARCE is a systematic approach towards a relentless pursuit of excellence. This energizing presentation will challenge your beliefs, create reflective dialogue and lay the foundation for creating a high energy culture for success.

About the Speaker: Brett M. Elliott has spent 23 years in the urban public education system as a teacher, coach and administrator. His passion and energy set him apart from the pack with a resume of excellence. He has taken over a failing urban high school and transformed the entire culture for learning through positive student and staff relationships, high energy and growth mindset for learning. Whether transforming a failing urban high school into “The Pride of the City” or redefining the school culture of an International Bachelorette High school into “The Standard of Excellence”, his knowledge of teaching, learning and culture provide a wealth of knowledge to any organization. His enthusiasm for change and creating the “ultimate learning environment” make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to take their school and district to the next level.