The New Economy: Why (and How) to Build Your Home-Based Business

“We are living through the biggest economic shift in our lifetime…the impact is real, personal and far reaching. Network Marketing guru Eric Worre says ‘ the best way I know to not only survive, but thrive in the New Economy, is Network Marketing.” This session will include an overview of the New Economy, an introduction to Network Marketing, what to look for in a company, some obstacles and common myths about the profession and how to get started. You will hear stories from local successful professionals in a variety of companies. However, this session is about the profession, and we will not be focusing on any specific company.”


  • What is Network Marketing
  • Misconceptions
  • Building Relationships with Other Network Marketers
  • How to Choose a Company that’s right for you
  • The New Economy

Who Should Attend:

  • Network Market Business Owners
  • People who want a career change
  • People who need more money for retirement
  • People who are trying to get out of debt
  • Parents who want to stay home with children

Jennifer Trevarthan:

Jennifer Trevarthan  is a wife/mom of 4 with a background in Speech-Language Pathology, who stumbled upon the Direct Sales industry almost a decade ago. Having no sales experience, or real expectations, she landed in leadership in just 3 months and has never looked back. She is a proven team builder and one of the top Directors in her current company. “‘This industry provides so much more than I ever dreamed it would and I know the  joys that it can bring to others and their families. I  also KNOW that if I can do this, then anyone can…and I’m here to help them do it.”

joyce-dayJoyce Day:

Joyce Day is a Central Illinois native. She completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology/Environment and Natural Resources in 2003 and a Master’s of Science in Hydrogeology in 2008. She started her own home-based business in 2014 after giving 10 years of service to the environmental industry. In a little over 1 year she was able to replace her take home income and leave her corporate job. She is passionate about the opportunities that home-based business offers families who want to have more time and financial freedom.

Ruth Bell:

If you could describe Ruth Bell with one word, it would be joy. She loves her life, her family and helping other people. She feels blessed to have been able to team up with her husband in a network marketing business for the past 30 years, which gave both of them the opportunity to stay home with their children and home school them through Jr High School. Although they have enjoyed the perks of worldwide travel, free bonus cars and cash bonuses through their network marketing company, they feel that you cannot put a price on the freedom that they had to pursue their dreams and create a lifestyle which encompassed their heart for family, friends and ministry. “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfey

Ingrid Beyhl (aka ING) –

Believe that it’s not about shrinking your dreams to fit into a predestined space in society, it’s about super-sizing your strength and the courage found within so that the ‘space’ is forced to shatter. Only by upgrading your conviction will you be able to match your true destiny. Being someone who has always dreamed big, Ingrid is comfortable by doing what makes her the most uncomfortable. By doing so, she continues to find herself growing through life, remembering “You either step forward into growth or back into safety” .. Now is not the time to conform to mediocrity. Right now is the time to jump oceans and move mountains. Now is the time to lift one another up, to be a force for good. Ingrid believes she has been given a life to be truly lived with purpose and in freedom, while creating a legacy for her family and inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more, and BECOME MORE.

“Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality.”