Living a Valiant Life Victoriously!

Power Session: Living a Valiant Life Victoriously!

Christy will provide you with 7 Essential Strategies on how to live a Valiant life victoriously!  These strategies will prepare you to be bolder in every choice you make leading you to fearlessly living a flourishing life.   These strategies, along with Christy’s LEAP Coaching Methodology, will give you an entire new perspective on life producing results that will help you effectively achieve your life’s purpose!

About the Speaker: Christy Taylor is the President of Valiant Woman, a private Health & Wellness Coaching Practice. Valiant Woman empowers Christian women to become warriors and prepares them to be battle-ready to conquer spiritual battles and to Bravely Overcome Life’s Difficulties (BOLD)!

Christy earned an MBA from Franklin University and has both owned her own internet marketing company as well as generated millions of dollars in billable work for an engineering firm. She is currently enrolled in Liberty University Human Behavior, Life Coaching and Nutrition courses. With God’s help, Christy lost 137 pounds and has maintained that loss for over 5 years. She enjoys her husband of 20 years with whom she has raised 4 children. Christy’s latest book, Fighting Fat with Fearless Faith, equips Christian women to permanently conquer obesity. She believes there is more to losing weight than just focusing on calories and fitness and shares her insightful thoughts with readers.

Christy is a Speaker, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Friend,…and Daughter of the Most High! She finds herself most fulfilled when she is climbing mountains, zip lining, white-water rafting, and jumping off towers and out of planes! But, ask her to get on a carnival ride, and she will dodge! It is her desire that using her program will equip you to overcome your battle with weight while deepening your relationship with God.