Living Off the Top

Our culture has robbed people of their ability to live their best. By applying intense pressure to conform to beliefs that go against our design, we have created lifestyles of living off the bottom! Not enough time, energy or money is the hallmark of our daily routine and when this catches up with us it causes dysfunction in our health, wealth and relationships! Purpose by Design is a call to live in a way that is consistent with our design and move from living off the bottom to living off the top!

“More men fail from a lack of purpose than a lack of talent.”  – Billy Sunday

Living Off the Top will challenge, inspire, and educate you to live in new levels of clarity, purpose, and passion. Get ready to be better, more productive and more resilient in your personal and business endeavors!

Daniel Moore’s goal is to create behavior change that improves performance at both the individual and organizational levels by turning potential into productivity. Through the vehicles of motivational speaking, coaching, and training, people can be knowledgeable, inspired, and motivated to live their best life through the development of their own potential. Daniel’s sessions deliver powerful, life-enhancing messages that help individuals and organizations enjoy a renewed energy which carries bottom line benefits. By authoring three books, Daniel has impacted the personal and professional lives of clients and friends from one end of the country to the other. “We call it “Moore Life” because life consists not in the accumulation of things, or in simply filling your time on this earth, but in the quality of the things in your life that mean the most to you; and how to make them better.” -Daniel Moore