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Kurt P. White currently lives in Dunlap, IL with his wonderfully supportive wife Lisa, loving beagle Hazel, and funny Shi-tzu Fez. They keep busy raising two teenage boys.

Born without his right arm, only a partial left arm, and a shortened left leg, Kurt made the choice early on in childhood to not let anything get in the way of pursuing his dreams. In spite of his disability, he was determined to live life just like any other person. Ironically, his strong conviction to be just like everyone else has led him to become a quite remarkable, unique individual. Kurt made the decision to live life on his own terms. Attending public school and obtaining a degree in Finance, securing a successful career, and raising a family are just a few of his most cherished accomplishments. Along the way he learned to drive, swim, fish, play pool, bowl, and even golf competitively. More recently, he has added skydiving, water skiing, and soon-to-be scuba diving. There’s simply nothing he can’t do. You will thoroughly enjoy hearing him speak about “Living life to the fullest as a handicapable person.”