Healthy You

Let’s face it, living a healthy lifestyle is one of the hardest things we must do. Without the right motivation, accountability, and information, it is virtually impossible. With our I’ve Decided to Ride cycling program and our I’ve Decided to Run Couch to 5K training and timed run, you have a fun option for exercise that is very inexpensive, outdoors and fun! Plus, learn about your metabolism! What is metabolism, how does it work, what we can do to have a more efficient metabolism, and how many calories are you really burning in a day? All of this information is pertinent to obtaining or maintaing a healthy weight.

I’ve Decide to Run – Head Running Coach – Dawn Helgeson-BIO

I’ve been a runner for about 15 years now. I started by doing a program my husband put together for me that is similar to the “Couch to 5K” programs available today. Slowly I worked my way up over the next few years until I ran my first half marathon in Disney and then a marathon in Chicago. I was hooked!! I have participated in training programs through the years which has helped me learn a lot about running and also build lasting friendships and running buddies. Peoria is lucky to have a strong running community and I am looking forward to helping all of you become a part of it as well.


Meet our Cycling Coach Heather Fitzanko

I’ve Decided to Ride- Head Cycling Coach- Heather Fitzanko

People often ask me how long I have been cycling.  I tell them since I was 6.

I am sure many people can recall the freedom and joy felt riding a bike as a child.  When I got my drivers license I quit riding but it wasn’t long before I was back on the bike.  It is an exhilarating feeling; feeling young again.  It always comes back to me.  For me, cycling is a way to put my busy, demanding life on hold, to shed my cares and cleanse my mind. Cycling is an individualistic sport; the intensity, the speed, the competitiveness – all determined by the cyclist.  It can be a social sport or solitary. There is not a better way to experience nature and the terrain.  It clears the mind and strengthens the body. I look forward to instilling my passion and sharing my joy in others when they “Decided to Ride”.


 slide02Metabolism and How it impacts your weight goals: Kim Martin:

Kim Martin has been a Curves owner for over 20 years. She has extensive training in Fitness, Nutrition, and Behavior Management. She understands the struggle of being overweight, and has personally lost almost 80 pounds. Her years of coaching thousands of women and certifications have helped her understand what it takes to live a healthy life.