Dream Big! – Ingrid Beyhl (aka ING)

Power Session - Dream Big: One Life, just one. Why are we all not running like we're on fire towards our wildest dreams? Don't let fear keep you from separating yourself from the pack. Be daring. Be different. Be impractical. Let others question why, while you inspire those who are wondering how.

About the Speaker: Since transitioning into the network marketing business model 2 years ago, Ingrid has promoted 5 times and is on her way to becoming a top earner within her company. With zero experience under her belt, she jumped in with both feet after quickly discovering that not only would this be a solid business decision in regards to overhead, but it would also be scalable and turnkey, which would allow for much needed flexibility for her family of 6. Being someone who has always dreamed big and who consistently works towards not conforming to mediocrity, Ingrid is forever a fan of doing what makes you the most uncomfortable. By doing so, she continues to find herself growing through life, remembering “You either step forward into growth or back into safety” .. Ingrid believes she has been given a gift that allows for her to design a life of freedom, while creating a legacy for her family, and inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more, and BECOME MORE.

Ingrid Beyhl continues to believe that this business model is just plain smart.

“A dream without a plan is just a wish.”