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A Personal Success Centered Work Environment and Culture

At I’ve Decided we believe a work culture based upon helping your employees achieve their personal goals and dreams is the solution for employee concerns that companies are facing today.

What’s happening? Despite the billions of dollars companies spend on professional development training, incentives, and programs, it seems the issues of low retention, poor employee surveys, and lack of employee productivity are still escalating. We believe the reason for this is basic human nature. When people are invested financially, they are always looking for a return, or in other words; what’s in it for me? When people are connected emotionally and feel cared for, they want to contribute.

How can you emotionally connect and show your employees you care? Behind the professional, is a human being who is on a lifetime journey of personal goals and dreams. To change the status quo, we must create cultures that are more focused on personal development above all else. In general, humans are not happy. The Harris Poll showed in 2017 only 33% of Americans polled said they were happy. If this is true, and society shows it is, how can any business expect to reach their maximum potential when nearly 70% of their workforce is not happy.

Why are people not happy?  It’s human nature. When a person’s actions don’t match their deepest desires of who they are or what their purpose is, they will never be happy long term. When someone is not happy, it’s impossible for them to be fully engaged or loyal. An unhappy person is always looking for the next best thing. Solve this problem, and you have your solution to the employee matters of concern that all companies are facing.

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What’s your first step? You must take initiative in finding out what each of your individual employee’s desires are from a personal standpoint. Secondly, give them a safe place to learn and grow in the areas they need help. The third, but most important step, is to provide them what they need to achieve success in whatever it is they desire. Your employees are individuals with a soul-craving purpose. When helping them fulfill this purpose becomes your centered focus, everything within your culture will improve, including your bottom line.

Add the benefit. Recognizing emotional connection can’t be replaced with incentives like pay increases and professional development, we’re not suggesting you remove these rewards. We’re simply suggesting you add the benefit of personal development and make it the priority. When you do this, the success of every program you have will improve. Personal development is like an added supplement that ensures success in every other area.

Success begets success! Personal development is the key to unlocking the maximum potential in every single one of our businesses today. When you emotionally invest in your people by tapping into their personal desires, and help them successfully achieve them, your success is inevitable. Success begets success!

To conclude: When people are emotionally connected, they want to contribute, they will trust you, and they will believe you truly care about them. At I’ve Decided INC, we believe this is the only real permanent solution to improve your bottom line and employee concerns.

Become a company decided to ensure the success of your people.


About I’ve Decided INC:

I’ve Decided is a personal development company that helps you achieve your goals and dreams whatever they may be. Our program provides every piece of the puzzle you need for success; Motivation, inspiration, support, accountability, information, education, tools, resources, the right mindset, and contribution. Our mission is your success!

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