Chasing Dreams and Paying Bills!

Power Session: Chasing Dreams and Paying Bills!

This is what I want to do, but I can’t possibly do it right now because I am too busy!”  How many of us have ignored our dreams or goals with a statement like this?  Too many!! “Chasing Dreams and Paying Bills” teaches the simple yet powerful process of Action Planning.  Action Planning begins with the end, your goal.  Do you want to learn something new?  Change professions?  Build a business?  Start a program?  Climb a mountain?  Increase sales?  Once the end is established, action steps are developed that move from where you are to where you want to be, your goal!  A robust and realistic Action Plan also accounts for obstacles that might block your path as well as everyday responsibilities that often derail our dreams.  Action Planning can work for an individual, group, or business.  No goal is too large or small.  After attending “Chasing Dreams and Paying Bills”, you can exclaim, “This is what I wanted to do, and I did it!”

 About the Speaker: Dr. Eileen Setti is the Chair of Career Pathways and Continuing Education at Methodist College in Peoria, Illinois.  Dr. Setti is also a Partner with consulting firm Ruby & Associates which is dedicated to serving nonprofit organizations.  Dr. Setti’s career is built on assisting organizations and professionals in planning and implementing dynamic strategies in order to achieve strategic goals.  Whether working with a seasoned board of directors in an established nonprofit or a low-income first generation college student, Dr. Setti utilizes simple planning strategies to keep dreams on track.  Dr. Setti holds a bachelor’s degree from Eureka College, a master’s degree from Loyola University-Chicago and a doctorate from Northern Illinois University. Her research focuses on nonprofit organization capacity building.  Dr. Setti lives in Peoria, Illinois with her husband, two teen-aged daughters, and lazy Boxer.  When she is not chasing kids or restoring the family’s historic West Bluff home, you can find her on the golf course searching for her lost Bridgestone.