Six questions you can ask yourself to help you highlight all the things you did well this year!

As you wrap up 2022, don’t get caught in the trap of negative thoughts about all the things you wanted to get done this year but didn’t. While it may be true that you didn’t hit every mark you intended to, there are also plenty of things you did accomplish. There is nothing wrong with being a little disappointed in yourself if you aren’t where you had hoped you would be by now, but don’t let this disappointment drag you down as you begin to think about your new goals and the New Year right around the corner. This is not the time to beat yourself up about anything you didn’t do, it’s time to highlight what you did well. At least for this last week of the year, let’s focus only on what you have accomplished and the steps you have made towards achieving your goals. Highlight the positive moments and small victories and celebrate the success!

Here are six questions you can ask yourself to help you highlight all the things you did well this year!


What am I most proud of?

As you consider this past year, what stands out most in your mind that makes you feel proud. Maybe you finally spent the time necessary to finish a project or maybe you made a goal to take moments for reflection and stop and smell the roses. How do you feel about your family, career, and self-care? What stands out that you are most proud of?

 What is my favorite experience?

Success is made up of many little great experiences along the way. It can be so easy to forget all the amazing moments that made you feel wonderful. Highlighting these memories can remind you of all the good times.

 What did I do outside of my comfort zone?

Anything you did that was outside of your comfort zone is a win! As creatures of habit, rarely do we want to do anything different than what we are acclimated to. Write out a list of everything you can think of that you decided to do even though it was uncomfortable for you.

 Where did I make an impact?

Perhaps this may be the most important thing you highlight. Remind yourself that you are making a difference and impacting people around you. You impact by the example you set living your life, the way you treat others, and so many ways. Spend time thinking about all the different ways that you made an impact.

 What memory makes me smile?

There are so many reasons to smile. Starting way back last January until this point in time, go through each month in your mind and recall anything that makes you happy. What special moments, events, or people, when you think about them, make your smile?

 How can you build on the accomplishments you’ve made so far?

Now, as you move into the New Year right around the corner, how can you keep the momentum going and build on what you have done so far? What is the most important action you can take next?


Don’t be your own worst critic, be your own best cheerleader. Highlight only your achievements and the steps you’ve made towards success. Focus on the good and how far you’ve come and celebrate you!


Article Written By:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.

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