4 Best Practices to Help You Collaborate Successfully

There is power in collaborating with others when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams. So many times, we see collaboration as an afterthought, but it needs to be a part of the plan for success from the get-go. People have been collaborating since the beginning of time and human history proves that people who work together do better. Together truly is better!

Got collaboration?

How are you working with others to achieve your goals and the dreams that you desire?

Not only is collaboration important, but it’s even more important to get it right. In this article we share with you some best practices for working with others and how you should approach collaboration for the best result.

“4 Best Practices to Help You Collaborate successfully”


1. Seek an expert –

It should go without saying that the best collaborations involve at least one person who has successfully achieved what you are trying to do. It may not be exactly the same, but as close to the idea as possible. The definition of an expert is a person who has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. An expert will have lots of experience, will know the ins and outs, have made mistakes they can share, and most importantly how they overcome those mistakes. All great collaborations involve at least one expert in the arena.

2. Keep an open mind –

It’s hard to see the forest for the trees and especially if we have our mind set on how something should be. Good collaborations require you to be open to new ideas and consider different perspectives. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch your whole dream and do something different than you had in mind, it just means don’t be stubborn. Be open to think about your goals in a different way. Collaborating is meant to stretch you beyond where you may be right now, so be sure to keep an open mind about all the possibilities.

3. Listen well –

How well do you listen? Being a good listener is vitally important, but it is very difficult for most people. It requires intentional and thoughtful work to listen well, and this is stressful and hard to do. It’s especially hard to do when it comes to your own personal goals and dreams. Most of the time, we’ve already made up our minds in the what, the how, the when, and the outcome we want to achieve. Taking the time to listen to someone else can feel extremely uncomfortable because they may have different opinions and see things from a different lens than you’re looking through. As hard as it is, collaborations will work best and be more successful if everyone involved makes it a habit to listen well.

4. Find a way to contribute –

Powerful collaborations are always give and take. It should not be one-sided. Contribution is a piece of the puzzle for success. In many areas you are the expert. You are the one who has experience and who has successfully achieved the desired outcome. You have the resources and the tools that can help others and provide a platform or launching pad for someone else to achieve their goals and dreams. You can never be too generous, and you will always get back more than you give when you find a way to contribute.

 Working collaboratively instead of individually towards your goals and dreams will always contribute to greater success than you will find going alone. Brainstorming with others will generate ideas you haven’t even thought of before. It will help you be more productive and ultimately lead you to higher level of achievement. Be sure to make collaborating a part of your action plan.


Article written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.


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