“7 Tactics that will help you live an expansive life!”

To live on an expansive level is the opposite of living with fear. Most of us make emotional decisions for our lives based on how we feel instead of on what we genuinely desire. These feelings are usually derived from fears, anxieties, and doubts. Albeit, these are all very real emotions, it is important not to allow yourself to make critical life choices based on them.

Instead, have courage and do what it takes to live with a greater capacity for growth thus allowing you to live an incredibly fulfilled life. A life in which you can achieve even your most expansive dreams.

What does it take to live in this expansive way and let go of the fears and negativity that is holding us back? Let’s look at some tactics that will answer this question.

“7 Tactics that will help you live an expansive life!”


Discover tenacity –

Why is tenacity so important? There are many reasons, but the most impactful is it allows you to see temporary hardships in the context of a greater goal. Successful people aren’t just tenacious, they are tenacious for something specific. When you are committed to a cause or purpose, you can get past the difficulty or obstacle and see it as an opportunity to learn. When you discover tenacity, you will have the confidence and determination to find a way even when you can’t understand how it will happen.

Get Visual –

To see it is to believe it. Imagining the possibilities for your life and envisioning what it looks like is a way to improve your chances of achieving the goals and dreams you desire. One way to do this is to create a vision board. Vision boards are effective because they give you a visual reminder and a clear direction of where you want to go. When you can look at the way you want your life to be in pictures, it makes it all seem possible to achieve. When you see it, you can believe it.

Seek higher –

While your traveling through this journey called life, you will never really arrive. There is always more to do, more to learn, and more to see. Your success in life is a moving target. It is ever changing and in constant motion. Sure, there will be moments of victory, but these wins along the way are simply meant to be motivators and inspire you to keep seeking better and higher ground.

Look Deeper –

Relationships and connections are one of the most important factors in living on an expansive level. Is there really anything that trumps trying to understand what people need and then serving them? This is the key to deeper bonds with the people who are most important to you. Always continue to look for deeper relationships and connections with those in your sphere of influence.

Choose patience –

Choose is the key word here. That’s right, patience is a choice. In your life, you can opt to disregard the beauty at hand and the things you have right now in the moment, or you can anxiously just want the next best thing. Being patient is tricky because you can’t just be patient, you must practice patience. Impatience is selfish and fueled by what we want right here and right now. It’s the opposite of gratefulness. In these moments when you can feel your blood start to boil because you aren’t getting what you think you should, as quickly as you should, decide to choose patience instead. See all the good around you, smell the roses, and give thanks. Most importantly, believe the best is yet to come in due time. Choosing patience will allow you to relish in the here and now with expectation of the wonderful things to come.

Give grace –

Giving grace will change your life, literally. When you show kindness and compassion to people even when they don’t deserve it or appreciate it, you are acting out of love and love changes everything. Grace is not a complicated 10-step method, it’s simply acknowledging that a person has more going on in their heart and mind than meets the eye. If someone is acting out in any way, you can bet the behavior is a product of hurt. Hurt people hurt people. Instead of giving revenge, holding on to anger, or carrying a grudge, give grace instead. It really will allow you to live and expansive life.

Be flexible –

You must be able to bend without breaking. Life changes, people change, everything changes, and if you can’t adapt with it, your life will be difficult to say the least. When you are flexible, you won’t fear change. You know you have the power to overcome any obstacle and use it to your advantage. Being flexible will allow you to see options and opportunities amid hardships and give you the ability to wear many hats. You will get more done and ultimately have a capacity for greater growth. Always be flexible.

An expansive mindset allows you to achieve and do things you didn’t think were possible. It broadens your capacity and tendency to seek a greater enriched and more fulfilled life.

Article Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided INC.


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