Unlock a Life of Significance

If you seek significance, you will find success. A life of significance is all about the difference you’re making, and the impact you’re making on others while you are alive here on earth. Gary Zukav says, “Your life on this earth is significant whether or not you are aware of it, and even rather or not you desire it.” You can choose to keep your significance locked away or you can decide to unlock the life you were created for.

Here are 5 Keys to help you unlock a life of significance.

1.Believe –

God has made you for a purpose. It is not by some weird cosmic chance that you were born. The first key to significance is believing that you were created to accomplish certain things during your life. Do what God has set you apart to do, large or small. When you believe that you have value simply because of who you are, everyday of your life will have new meaning.

2.Embrace –

Love the good and the bad. Your life has been and will always be full of twists and turns, and ups and downs. Trust the timeline and see everything in your life no matter how good or how bad as a factor in your significance and ultimately your success. Learn to embrace your authentic self and don’t allow other people to tell you how you should be. Let your heart be your guide. Your heart is truly aligned with who you are, and it will let you know if you need to change anything.

3.Dream –

Dream big and keep the big picture in view. If you don’t challenge yourself to set some big personal goals, you can easily get wrapped up in the everyday little annoyances of life. With some clear vision of where you want to ultimately be, you will be able to distinguish between the opportunities that come along and the distractions that can get you off course. Your big goals will help you stay focused and are a key to a life of significance.

4.Prioritize –

Instead of working so hard to try and keep your life balanced, learn how to prioritize better. In case you haven’t noticed, life is virtually impossible to balance. Especially if you have a lot going on. With family, work, friends, social, and hobbies, it can get real crazy, quick. The key is to take some time and plan what the priorities are for each day. Some days work will have to win, some days family, and so on. Trying to make everything balanced is exhausting and virtually impossible. Prioritize instead.

5.Design –

Most people design their lifestyle around their career, but what if you did it differently. What if you designed your career around your lifestyle? How different would your life look? What makes you happy? What are hobbies and things you would love to do often? Imagine a life with a good amount of your time spent working on more of what you love. It is possible to design the life you desire. It may take some time, some change, or even being open to new ideas, but it can be done, and we believe it is a key to a life of significance.

There is no better time than now to start living a life of significance. Maybe you’re already doing it, but just need to get refocused. Maybe you’ve just been floating through life without much thought of living a life of significance. Study these 5 keys and allow them to help you unlock your life of significance starting today!


Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC.


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