Three ideas to help you keep an open mind when life feels hard!

We most likely don’t have to convince you that having an open mind is a key component to your success and without an open mind, you most likely will miss opportunities that cross your path. Most of us know this and understand the positive benefits that come from keeping and open mind. The challenge of being more open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences is when things are hard or when your heart is troubled. When you are feeling burdened, stressed, or overly sad, anything outside of your comfort zone can feel arduous. Although it is tough, an open mind can be exactly what you need to get you through whatever challenges you are facing. So, how can you keep an open mind when times are hard? We have three ideas that can help you!

“Three ideas to help you keep an open mind when life feels hard!”

1.Remember the best is yet to come –

It’s true, the best is always yet to come. If not in this life, in heaven. Your present situation is not your final situation. It’s easy to feel distressed and anxious about the future when you don’t have a clear understanding of where you are going, and you are not super happy with your past. It may seem as though your life will continue with the same old way that’s troubling you. While it is easier to predict more of the same, you must recognize that you are still learning and growing, so you can make better decisions that will lead you to a better future. Keep your eyes looking ahead and don’t spend too much time looking back. There is a reason the windshield is a hundred times larger than the rearview mirror. The best is ahead of you. Live it, believe it!

2.Be grateful for everything –

Being grateful is a choice. When we say be grateful for everything that doesn’t mean that you may “feel” grateful. Emotions come and go based on so many factors. You must recognize that you don’t have to feel a particular way to choose to act that way. You can be angry and decide to stay calm. Being thankful is the same. Gratitude is a prevailing attitude that endures and is relatively immune to the gains and losses that flow in and out of our lives. When disaster strikes, being grateful provides a perspective from which we can view life in its entirety and not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances. If you begin to see that everything you have is a gift and something you could lose at any given time, it becomes much easier to be grateful, even when you don’t feel like it.

3.Focus on self-care –

Why is it when life gets hard, we lose our motivation to take care of what is most important? One possibility is that self-care can feel self-indulgent or selfish. That is a common misconception that you shouldn’t confuse with self-care. Self-care means taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, you can be well, you can do your job, you can help and care for others, and you can do all the things you need to and want to accomplish in the day. Having a self-care routine has been proven to reduce or even eliminate anxiety and depression. Additionally, it reduces stress, improves concentration, minimizes frustration, increases happiness, energy, and so much more! The most common excuse that is used for not making self-care a priority is a lack of time. While it is true that you are most likely very busy, you must make time for yourself. It really should not be optional, even in difficult times. Burning the candle at both ends comes with significant emotional and physical consequences. If you want to maintain good health and have the energy to get through whatever you are facing with an open mind, you must focus on your personal care. Even if you must start small, just start today.

Keeping an open mind is so important for your success. It can help you find the good in the bad, find new ways when you run into a dead end, and gain new information that could be just what you were waiting for. Although it is true that it is much easier to keep an open mind when life is going well, it is possible to stay the course even when life is hard. No matter what, always keep an open mind!


Written by:

Kim Martin, Founder of I’ve Decided, INC

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